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Hey There

Hello everyone. On this page i explain how my nickname Rayron VR and the Ice Dragon came to be...

All About Me



So where did the name Rayron come from? Well to start this journey, it all begins with gaming. This name comes from how most all other gamers get their names; from their favorite MMO game.  I was playing World of Warcraft and was selecting the random name generator for my tarren death knight. The generator then created, "Rahron".  I would then change it a bit to Rayron VR. Now, VR does not stand for virtual reality. I wish it was though. The VR actually is the initials of my IRL name. I wanted to make sure that i don't get to lost in my escapism content and want to remind myself that there still is a human behind the scenes. 

Rayron trains.jpg
Rayron chibi.png

Commissioned artwork by Starkitt3n, @Starkitt3n

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